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Can Kanaplex cause infertility in Livebearers?

Breeding Livebearers 15 Aug 2017
Has anyone used Kanaplex with their livebearers? I had a couple of showa/sanke koi swordtails waste away a while back, and I panicked and treated nearly all of my livebearers with Kanaplex after reading about mysterious livebearer wasting diseases. That was several months ago, and while my fish a...
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Gold Bellied Guppys

General Discussion 07 Aug 2017
Several years age I bought some fish at a local club auctions called gold bellied guppys.  I lost them all in a power failure and have not been able to find any since.  I was told they came from Cuba.  Dose anyone know where I might find some? 
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Hello from East Tennessee

Introduce Yourself 30 Jul 2017
Hello! Recently retired and getting back into favorite hobby from childhood. Setting up a small fish room for unique projects and methodology's that interest me. Taking in a lot of good information and joined the ALA to continue learning about fish keeping. Just spawned guppy's again for the firs...
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Hello from Guam, US, middle of Pacific Ocean

Introduce Yourself 21 May 2017
Been in industry since 10 years old with my first giant guppies in metal slate bottom 10 gallon tank . Been hunting for them since 20 years. Size back then was 4 inches with females, males 2 1/2 inches. Kept for 4 years before moving to the states. Hawaii, San Francisco now back in Guam. Have fan...
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Hello from Wisconsin

Introduce Yourself 15 May 2017
Hello, my name is Brad. I'm from north western Wi. I have kept fish for many years. I now have a small fish room, (that seems to growing fast). I started keeping Goodeids a few years ago. Now most of my space is dedicated to them, along with a few other live bearing species. I just the ALA after...
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