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Call for Board of Director Nominations

Announcements 22 Aug 2015
Call for Board of Director Nominations The ALA is calling for nominations to serve on the Board of Directors.  Every year 3 members are elected to serve a 2 year term on the BOD.  Nominees must be ALA members in good standing for at least 1 year prior to being nomi...
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General practiced in keeping species of conservation concern

Conservation 20 Aug 2015
Hi everybody Aquarium hobbyists play an increasingly important role in maintaining and propagating species that are threatened, endangered, or sometimes even extinct in the wild. In a current research project, we are using mathematical simulations of the genetics of fish populations to investigat...
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Looking for Limias

General Discussion 13 Aug 2015
Hey guys,    I am looking for a few Limia vittata.   I'm also potentially open to other Limia species with the exception of L. nigrofasciata. I prefer a more streamlined fish :-P    I'm located in Augusta, GA if you're not open to shipping and willing to drive a couple ho...
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Looking for some species for postdoctoral research

General Discussion 06 Aug 2015
I am looking for several Poeciliopsis species (P. prolifica, P. presidionis, P. turneri, P. retropinna, P. elongata) and Poecilia species (P. holliandi, P. scalpridens, P. branneri, P. parea). If anyone has one of these species in either juvenile or adult males and females that they are willing t...
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Freshwater Pipefish

Breeding Livebearers 05 Aug 2015
This might be the wrong forum to ask but, I figure since the ALA BAP list includes Syngnathids, there may be someone here with some info for me. Does anyone have experience keeping / breeding freshwater pipefish? I'm looking to obtain a number of Microphis deocata but would also appreciated info...
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