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Rid Ich Plus vs Quick Cure

Help! My Fish is Sick! 15 Apr 2015
Hey Everyone,   I'm treating some ich that was brought into my tank from some fish purchased online. I haven't had to deal with ich in years so when I noticed it popping up I looked through my box of chemicals to find my Quick Cure and realized I didn't have it anymore. I happened to have an...
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Convention Auction

ALA Convention 06 Apr 2015
As always on the Final Day of the Convention, which is 4 weeks from today on Sunday, May 3rd, there will be a BIG AUCTION! The ACLC is using the MyGroupAuctions.com  online service to manage this auction the same way we do for each meeting. I have posted the Rules for the 2015 ALA Conve...
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Looking for Allodontichthys zonistius

General Discussion 30 Mar 2015
Hi, I am looking for some Allodontichthys zonistius "Rio ayuquila" or with any collection/location information. Please let me know if you have some or know of someone that does have some. E-mail is :Falcon034@aol.com. Thanks.take care. Chris
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Calling ALL Procrastinators!

ALA Convention 24 Mar 2015
In one week a lot of things about the 2015 Convention will change!   Room Rate of $90 will no longer be available!   Banquet ticket will not be available! Tshirts will not be able to be ordered! Seats on the Side Trips cannot be ordered!   Speaker Program prices WILL increase!...
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Gambusia longispinnis

General Discussion 18 Mar 2015
I have a little group that I hope grows this year, this male has a slight reddish coloration in his central area, he's rather shy. http://i198.photobuc...CD57A991FED.jpg
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