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Introduce Yourself 27 Apr 2018
Dear ALA members: I’ve been in the hobby for over 50 years. My interests are quite eclectic ranging from livebearers and killies to marine fish and anything in between. I’m retired and am a member of several fish clubs. I’d like to discuss Cuban livebearers if I may. I was born in Cuba and thes...
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Join the ALA at the Aquatic Experience at the Meadowlands...

Announcements 19 Apr 2018
The ALA will have a booth at the Aquatic Experience!  Come join us at the excciting event!   EXHIBITORS AND PRODUCT SHOPPING MART: Manufacturers – Hobbyist/Clubs – Health & Nutrition Retailers – Non Profit Organizations – Coral, Frags and Live Rock Marine – Pond & Aquarium Aquat...
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2018 Fish donation question

General Discussion 15 Apr 2018
Is anyone complying a list for SMP or any auction donations? I’ve got several species to donate at the convention
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New Member In Utah

Introduce Yourself 28 Mar 2018
Hello, Name is Chuck. I live in Utah.   I've kept various LB's my whole life. I keep Ameca Splendens (Butterfly Splitfins/Goodeids) right now. I hope to keep and breed Skiffia Francesae at some point. My other hobbies include ice hockey, home brewing, and playing music.
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Hello, I'm new on forum :)

Introduce Yourself 27 Mar 2018
Hello, My name is Lucian and I live in Bucharest city of Romania in East Europe, I'm a very passionate fish keeper with many species of fish among them I have Livebearers like Koi Swordtails, Platy Sunset, full black Molly lyretail and Endler black bar(i think the stain is not complete couse...
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