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Hello from Guam, US, middle of Pacific Ocean

Introduce Yourself 21 May 2017
Been in industry since 10 years old with my first giant guppies in metal slate bottom 10 gallon tank . Been hunting for them since 20 years. Size back then was 4 inches with females, males 2 1/2 inches. Kept for 4 years before moving to the states. Hawaii, San Francisco now back in Guam. Have fan...
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Hello from Wisconsin

Introduce Yourself 15 May 2017
Hello, my name is Brad. I'm from north western Wi. I have kept fish for many years. I now have a small fish room, (that seems to growing fast). I started keeping Goodeids a few years ago. Now most of my space is dedicated to them, along with a few other live bearing species. I just the ALA after...
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Goodeid Exhange Group Idea

General Discussion 04 May 2017
Most of use know the Goodeid are small livebearers that many hobbyist keep but aren't part of the main stream fish you find in fish stores. This makes it a little hard for people to get a group to start with. Here is my idea that is in the very early stages and needs some tweaking I'm sure. Start...
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Outoor Tubs

Tank Setup 25 Apr 2017
So Spring is here and thoughts turn to setting up tubs outside for a few fish. My biggest issue is frogs.  A variety of croaking, hopping and other than eating my fish otherwise pleasing critters. Tubs at ground level or elevated all seem to end up with lots of tadpoles and no fish after a f...
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SMP Donations

General Discussion 24 Apr 2017
Hello, All I now the convention is just around the corning but we are still looking for any one wanting or willing to donate it is for a great cause and we would be very grateful for your donation. Also this year we are doing all livebearers domestic, wild type and goodeids.   thank you from...
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