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Central Texas about 1hr N. of Austin here

Introduce Yourself 20 Jul 2016
Thought I'd give this forum a shot to see if I can find out some of the more obscure things about Mollies, Swords and Least Killifish.   Instead of an aquarium I keep fish outside in a fish pool, because I wanted as wild type set up as possible to create something similar to what scattered p...
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Hello from Millbrook NY.......Dutchess County........I...

Introduce Yourself 10 Jul 2016
I've kept fish for over thirty years and am mainly into killies, characins, and dwarf cichlids. I also enjoy wild type live bearers.....especially smaller species.. Hopefully the ALA will be a source to obtain  uncommon wild type live bearers as well as to trade such with like minded hobbyis...
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Xiphophorus kallmani won't drop fry

Breeding Livebearers 29 Jun 2016
I have a female Xiphophorus kallmani "Catemaco" that looks like she is ready to drop fry but won't.   Currently she is in a 40 gallon long tank, the only other tankmate is a male that is in a breeder trap (I have heard that sometimes swordtail females need pheromones released by the male to...
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Hello from Oswego, NY

Introduce Yourself 27 Jun 2016
Hi, my name is Val. I breed Nebula Steel guppies and have a few other projects. I'm looking to start into swordtails, still deciding which type. Finding information on the strains seems hit or miss. Does anyone know if there is a local livebearer chapter to the Syracuse, NY area? I have already...
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Hello from Connecticut

Introduce Yourself 09 Jun 2016
my name is cody and i am from ct, I currently have xenotaca variata, xoogoneticus purchepechos and Skiffia multipunctata. I really like keep these guys and hope to keep more.
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