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Novice Fish Breeder Says Hi from South East Idaho

Introduce Yourself 15 Nov 2016
Hello Everyone!  My name is Meghan.  I'm a 37 year old stay-at-home cat mom and hobby breeder in Idaho.   I kept fish off and on growing up and as a young college student, but never with great success or gusto.     Then in October of 2015, I fell in love with fishkeeping....
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Ruby Red

General Discussion 09 Nov 2016
What is the difference of Ruby Red swordtails compared to say blood red? Any info on official color categories and lineage would greatly appreciated . Thanks  Tom
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New to forum

Introduce Yourself 09 Nov 2016
Hi  all my name is Tom and I am new here. Probably an official old guy from near the end of the old school era! I can still walk and feed myself!   I just started back up breeding swordtails after taking the last couples years off to focus on GBR/EBR.  Great to such an informationa...
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Hi from Portugal

Introduce Yourself 31 Oct 2016
Hello everyone,   My name is Tiago and I'm from Portugal.  Currently, I am keeping killifish and recently started keeping wild type populations of livebearers (goodeids and poecilids). I hope to get these populations well established in my tanks.   Best wishes   Tiago
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Hello From Kansas II

Introduce Yourself 01 Oct 2016
Also a Nate, also from Wichita, but not the previous poster!   I have a lot of aquarium experience, and only moderate experience with a few livebearer genera; Alfaro, Gambusia, Heterandria, Poecilia, Poeciliopsis, Xenotoca, Xiphophorus, and a bit of Anableps.   Looking to delve into the...
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