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Hello from Oswego, NY

Introduce Yourself Today, 06:43 AM
Hi, my name is Val. I breed Nebula Steel guppies and have a few other projects. I'm looking to start into swordtails, still deciding which type. Finding information on the strains seems hit or miss. Does anyone know if there is a local livebearer chapter to the Syracuse, NY area? I have already...
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Hello from Connecticut

Introduce Yourself 09 Jun 2016
my name is cody and i am from ct, I currently have xenotaca variata, xoogoneticus purchepechos and Skiffia multipunctata. I really like keep these guys and hope to keep more.
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Breeding log/Share your experience

Breeding Livebearers 08 May 2016
I thought it would be great to start up a breeding/keeping log. To share your experience keeping species of Livebearers for other ALA memebers and aquarists to learn about species. Please share your experience keeping species and please share pictures. My log will be about keeping Xenotoca melan...
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Hello from Wisconsin

Introduce Yourself 03 May 2016
Hi, my name is Kim, and I just joined the ALA after attending the convention in South Bend last weekend. I highly recommend joining!  I had no idea the membership was only $25 per year.   I currently have only 5 tanks.  A few fancy swordtails, mollies, guppies, and platies. Plus an...
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Best Meds to keep on hand?

Help! My Fish is Sick! 03 May 2016
I have 2 questions:   1. What are the best meds to keep on hand?  It's been so long since I needed to use any (I've been lucky since I started up with fish again recently), that I don't remember much of what I used to know.    2. I just got a beautiful pair of HiFin Black B...
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