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Zoogoneticus Tequila Anyone with experience

Conservation 18 Apr 2016
I'm going to obtain 2 pairs from a very reputable source and wanted so information from those who have first hand exrperience.  Don't get me wrong, I have read a ton of material on these fish but keepers are the best source of knowledge.   I have a 30L set up with driftwood,Java Moss, J...
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Information on anyone with Belonasox

Conservation 18 Apr 2016
I've raised Belonasox for several years and due to a caretaker mishap while I was on vacation lost my females.  I still have three huge males but haven't been able to locate females.  I know collectors in the southren state come across them and figured there is somebody out there with s...
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Female guppy pregnancy - day by day log

Breeding Livebearers 14 Apr 2016
Hope this will help you know when your guppy will give birth : https://youtu.be/vSjRGkUqbXw
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Hello :) Paid Membership questions.

Introduce Yourself 12 Apr 2016
Hi all, not sure of the activity on this page but I had a couple of questions. I read on the benefits of joining was receiving some fish? How does that work?   on another note, I breed a lot of wild types and domestic  right now my species list includes  Skiffia Bilneta  Zoo T...
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Telling sailfin males and females apart

Breeding Livebearers 09 Apr 2016
Ok, I bought about 5  Dalmation mollies from the pet store. 4 females and 1 males. Idk if they are all sailfins or not, but the males has a huge dorsal fin while the females ave a small dorsal. Can you tell the difference between Sailfin and normal fin females?(p.s. I pretty much just starte...
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