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Species Request from Graduate Student

General Discussion 12 Jul 2015
To Whom It May Concern:   Greetings, fellow livebearer enthusiasts! My name is Daniel Goldberg, and I am a Masters student working in the laboratory of the renowned guppy expert, Dr. David Reznick, at the University of California Riverside. For my thesis project, I am studying the relationsh...
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Impressions from recent trips

General Discussion 03 Jul 2015
Hi all I used to share pictures from recent collection trips here on a regular basis. For some reason, that stopped once I got a real job (I wonder why). In any case, we had some fun trips to Mexico and Costa Rica this year, and I thought some of you may be interested in some of our catches....
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Picking Species

Getting Started with Livebearers 31 May 2015
Hi all! I'm new to keeping wild-type livebearer's and wanted some advice on which species to work with. The setup they would be in is a 56-gallon column tank with rock that is eventually going to be planted (not sure how yet, but once I figure out at least one species, I'll begin with biotope-lik...
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Introduce Yourself 30 May 2015
Hi, my name is Maddie. I live in Louisiana and adore tiny fish, unusual fish, and rare fish. I work with two small animal rescues. I love my rats, my rabbit, and my tanks. I'm converting my 56g SW to FW to house one or more endangered species, and since livebearers are the easiest of the bunch......
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Thanks to all those who have contributed

General Discussion 13 May 2015
In the 40+ years of the ALA, many have contributed their time, talents, and efforts as volunteers: on the BOD, on Committee's, at Conventions, as Editors, Writers. Some of have come, some of have gone, and many have have worked for many years.   Thanks to all who have contributed to the succ...
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