Goodeid Working Group

The Goodeid Working Group (GWG) is an international organization of over 50 aquarists and scientists from Europe and North America dedicated to the preservation of fish species in the family Goodeidae. Nearly all of the approximately 40 species in this family are in grave danger of going extinct within their native habitats in Mexico and the southwestern United States.
Goals of the GWG are to promote and support the captive maintenance and breeding of endangered goodeids, to preserve goodeid habitat, and to support scientific research relevant to goodeid conservation. The GWG has two branches, one in Europe (12 countries) and the other in North America (Mexico, USA, Canada), with the North American branch (NAGWG) just formed in spring 2013.
At present, the NAGWG has 20 members who maintain a total of 183 populations of 38 goodeid species in captivity.
The NAGWG is actively raising funds to help expand the number aquarists maintaining captive populations of rare goodeids in North America, to support two large-scale conservation aquarium facilities in Mexico (in Morelia and Monterrey), and to promote on-the-ground habitat preservation and scientific research at several springs with high goodeid diversity in central Mexico.