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Goodeid Status

Table 1. Status and trends of Mexican Goodeidae in the wild as of 2017 as determined by John Lyons. “Government” refers to the legal classification by the Mexican Federal government (NOM 2002), and “Lyons” refers to my recommended designation based on IUCN (2001) terminology and criteria.

Conservation Status
----------------------------------- Trend Since
Species Government Lyons Late 1990’s

Allodontichthys hubbsi None Endangered Stable
Allodontichthys polylepis None Critically Endangered Declining
Allodontichthys tamazulae None Vulnerable Stable
Allodontichthys zonistius None Vulnerable Stable?
Alloophorus robustus None Vulnerable Declining
Allotoca catarinae None Endangered Stable
Allotoca (Neoophorus) diazi Endangered Endangered Declining
Chapalichthys encaustus None Vulnerable Declining
Chapalichthys pardalis (peraticus) None Critically Endangered Stable
Characodon audax Threatened Critically Endangered Declining
Characodon garmani None Extinct No records since 1890’s
Characodon lateralis Endangered Critically Endangered Declining
Girardinichthys multiradiatus None Vulnerable Stable
Girardinichthys ireneae None Critically Endangered Declining
Girardinichthys (Hubbsina) turneri Endangered Extinct? No records since 1980’s
Girardinichthys viviparus Endangered Critically Endangered Stable?
Goodea atripinnis (luitpoldi/gracilis) None Least Concern Declining
Ilyodon furcidens (xantusi) None Least concern Declining
Ilyodon whitei (lennoni, cortesae) None Vulnerable Declining
Neoophorus (Allotoca) regalis None Critically Endangered Declining
Neotoca (Skiffia) bilineata Endangered Critically Endangered Declining
Skiffia francesae Extinct Extinct in the wild No records since 1970’s
Skiffia lermae Threatened Endangered Declining
Skiffia multipunctata None Endangered Declining
Xenoophorus captivus Endangered Critically Endangered Declining
Xenotaenia resolanae None Vulnerable Stable
Xenotoca doadrioi None Endangered Declining
Xenotoca eiseni None Endangered Declining
Xenotoca lyonsi None Endangered Declining
Xenotoca melanostoma None Vulnerable Stable
Xenotoca variata None Least Concern Declining
Zoogoneticus purhepechus None Endangered Declining
Zoogoneticus quitzeoensis Threatened Endangered Declining
Zoogoneticus tequila Extinct Extinct, but reintroduced Declining

By Dr. John Lyons
Revised: April, 2009

Priorities for Captive Maintenance of Mexican Goodeids

Extinct (no captive populations available):
Characodon garmani

Extinct in the Wild (captive populations available):
Skiffia francesae

Critically Endangered:
Allodontichthys polylepis (possibly extinct in the wild)
Allotoca goslinei (possibly extinct in the wild)
Allotoca maculata
Allotoca meeki
Allotoca zacapuensis
Ameca splendens
Ataeniobius toweri
Chapalichthys pardalis
Chapalichthys peraticus
Characodon audax*
Characodon lateralis*
Girardinichthys viviparus
Hubbsina (Girardinichthys) ireneae
Hubbsina (Girardinichthys) turneri (possibly extinct in the wild)
Neotoca (Skiffia) bilineata
Neophoorus (Allotoca) regalis
Xenoophorus captivus*
Zoogoneticus tequila

Allodontichthys hubbsi
Allotoca dugesii*
Skiffia lermae
Skiffia multipunctata*
Xenotoca eiseni*
Zoogoneticus purhepechus
Zoogoneticus quitzeoensis

Allotoca diazi
Girardinichthys multiradiatus

Allodontichthys tamazulae
Allodontichthys zonistius
Alloophorus robustus*
Allotoca catarinae*
Chapalichthys encaustus
Goodea gracilis (= G. atripinnis?)
Ilyodon cortesae
Ilyodon whitei* (inc. I. lennoni)
Xenotaenia resolanae
Xenotoca melanosoma

Relatively Secure:
Goodea atripinnis* (inc. G. luitpoldi)
Ilyodon furcidens* (inc. I. xantusi)
Xenotoca variata*

Note: Status categories are not official Mexican government designations, but are based (with some updates) on:

Domínguez-Domínguez, O., R. Pérez-Rodríguez, and D. Ignacio. 2008. Morphological and genetic comparative analyses of populations of Zoogoneticus quitzeoensis (Cyprinodontiformes: Goodeidae) from central Mexico, with description of a new species. Revista Mexicana de Biodiversidad 79:373-383.

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De La Vega-Salazar, M. Y., E. Avila-Luna, and C. Macías-García. 2003. Ecological evaluation of local extinction: the case of two genera of endemic Mexican fish, Zoogoneticus and Skiffia. Biodiversity and Conservation 12:2043-2056.

*Species with an asterisk have large amounts of morphological and/or genetic diversity and have distinctive populations worthy of captive maintenance.