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Back issues of Livebearers

Joining The ALA 21 Apr 2017
I was wondering when I join is there a area to get digital back issues of livebearers. I assume someone has them digitally but not sure if they are available.        
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Hello from Fort Wayne Indiana

Introduce Yourself 20 Apr 2017
Hi everyone,   I have been keeping fish for years but about 4 years ago I stepped up my game and built my first fish room. I currently have 40 tanks running in my fish room and 6 more on a rack just need to fill with water and fish. I will share some videos of my room once I figure out where...
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Hello from Alabama!

Introduce Yourself 19 Mar 2017
Hello!   My name is Mackenzie and I am new(ish) to Livebearers.   I did have fancy guppies when I was a kid, but since getting back into the hobby as an adult, I've been keeping and breeding Betta fish.   As much as I love my Bettas, I was really missing having livebearers. When I...
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Increasing Guppy Population?

Breeding Livebearers 12 Mar 2017
I have my population of genetics and do not want to start over. I isolated two of the three females left to keep them from being harassed. How can I increase the female population? My females get curved spines and die. The males show no problems though. How can I save my Guppies? I ordered some a...
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Hello from Reno

Introduce Yourself 28 Feb 2017
Hello from Reno, NV.  I've just joined the ALA, and am a guppy, molly, platy and Endler keeper.  I'm hoping to learn more about the livebearers, and broaden my skills in order to tackle keeping of protected and endangered species.
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