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Keeping male swordtails together

Breeding Livebearers Yesterday, 09:20 AM
Can multiple male swordtails be kept together in a planted 35  gallon? No females, or other fish present.  If so, what is an optimum number?
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Annual ALA BOD Elections

Announcements 27 Sep 2016
Annual ALA Board of Directors election: Each year the ALA elects three new members to the Board of Directors. These nominations are due by September 1. This year we received five nominations. Because we have 3 open seats, each ALA member with a paid membership will be allowed to vote for up to 3...
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Hello from Kansas

Introduce Yourself 24 Sep 2016
Hello, everybody. I'm Nate and somewhat new to the aquarium hobby. Been keeping and messing around with endlers for about a year now and love it, the wife doesn't. I came down with the (MTS) pretty bad. Looking forward to breeding other livebearers and learning all I can. Thanks
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New from Arizona

Introduce Yourself 17 Sep 2016
Hi I am George and just joined the ALA. I live in Phoenix, AZ and I am not new to tropical fish I have been breeding Angelfish and Discus for quite a few years and have decided to slow down and jump back in with Livebears. Would like to find some nice HiFin Platies and Swordtails.
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Poecilia gillii and Poecilia mexicana

General Discussion 08 Sep 2016
Hello All,   I am not new to livebearers, but I do need some help tracking down some species. I want to create a biotope tank for Arochocentrus multispinosa. The strain I have is from Limon Costa Rica. Are Peocilia gillii or Poecilia mexicana found in the hobby? Either species...
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