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Hello from Tennessee

Introduce Yourself 05 Jan 2018
Long time fish keeper. Relatively new to live bearers. I've been looking for some green swords that have spots. Another aquarist turned me on to this web page. I don't want to break any rules but how can I get into contact with any members that are being such fish?
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Digital Downloads of old Mags are great.

General Discussion 06 Oct 2017
For those that worked on the digital copies of the older Mag thank you that is a awesome way to save that info and share it with others. I looked at Issue 1 and it is from 1972 that's older than I am and info there could have been lost for all time. Great to see it saved like that.   Thanks...
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How hard is it to breed mollies?

Getting Started with Livebearers 27 Sep 2017
I just got a pair of mollies and put them into my guppy tank.  Is it hard to breed them?  or are they like guppies as in they will do it even if I decide not to breed them?
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Hello from NC

Introduce Yourself 27 Sep 2017
Hello from NC.  I got guppies and a pair of mollies.  I am looking for a forum for livebearers.  Well for people who take care of livebearer fish.  I want to learn more about these wonderful fish.
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Micropoecilia obscura

ID my Fish 04 Sep 2017
Two months ago, I acquired a group of guppies with this name on the bag. However, when I search Fishbase looking for this fish what I find is a page for Poecilia obscura. Can anyone help clear this up. Any other sites that I should look at. 
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