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Saying hello from Oregon....

Introduce Yourself 14 Feb 2017
Hi all, I have recently joined and got my first livebearer journal much to my delight! I am obsessed with fish especially swordtails and platys. I am currently looking for some Nomorhamphus Liemi Liemi (Halfbeaks) specifically and all I can come across is N. Rex. I would also be wanting to find s...
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Journal publication #233

General Discussion 07 Feb 2017
Sending out a thank you to DR. Lyons for the fieldwork article "Adventures Among the Wild Livebearers of Mexico" pg.14. I very much enjoyed reading this first article (in hopefully the series as you put) on your experiences and observations you had during your trip. I have always been interested...
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Joining The ALA 18 Jan 2017
I just renewed my membership and couldn't find anything in my profile of my address. I believe I had moved since last receiving my ALA journal. I did put the correct address in my paypal payment and if that's all that's needed then ok. Let me know if something else is needed.   Chris
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How to breed your own strain methods?

Breeding Livebearers 02 Jan 2017
Still pretty new to aquariums and livebearers. Wondering what the method(s) is to breeding your own line. Nate
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New member checking in from Saint Paul, Minnesota...

Introduce Yourself 25 Dec 2016
Hi; my name is Chris and I'm excited to find a group that appears to be as interested in livebearers as I am! I currently have Limia vittata, Poeciliopsis gracilis, silver mollies and some guppy/Endler mutts which I'm in the process of phasing out of my tanks. Please let me know if you're interes...
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