Since the early days of the American Livebearer Association, there has been an attempt at keeping records of brood sizes for livebearing fish bred by ALA members. Understandably, this is known as the "Brood Record." The Brood Record is now part of the ALA website and future updates will occur quarterly if Brood Records are received from members when they send in their Breeder Award Program reports, otherwise an update will be made yearly by the ALA Convention.

The principles of obtaining a brood size are basic and simple. The young delivered by a single isolated female of the species, which is the same as the Breeder Award Program requirements, determine the size. Simple, direct, and of value for the ALA member. The information will be of value to future aquarists in understanding the potential brood size for a species, and to measure improvements in working with various species.

Continue to breed your fish, record brood sizes and send in the information, as well as visiting the Brood Records to see what may have change in a species brood record.

Brood Records